The menstrual cup to forget about your period

Why choose Pì-kup?


Pì-kup can be used without risk at night, in travel, during sportive activities and in any case during he day. It's positioning in 2 easy steps. It is advised to empty Pì-kup once every 4-8 hours depending on your menstrual flow.


Stop to tampon and pads. Pì-kup is reusable for 10 years

The average outgoings for buy pads is around 100 euros every year for each women; for who use also tampon the everage outgoings is 120 euros/year. In 5 years, average lifedi of a menstrual cup, expenditure is of about 600 euros, against the 19,90 of Pì-kup.


Ensures an outstanding quality in accordance with the strict rules of safety and production.


One Pì-kup is enough for 10 years. No pads, tampons, plastic applicators, bags, plastic bands to throw away. This unrecyclable waste needs several years to decompose and clogs dumps or ends up in the sea. Each year 45.000 million pads and tampons are thrown away worldwide. Give a hand to the environment: choose Pì-kup!

Pì-kupSTERILIZED and made of 100% certified medical grade silicone. It is suitable for the most sensible women, as does not contain latex.


How to choose the right size

Have you had children?Have you less than 30 years?Have you more than 30 years?
YES, with birth vaginally L L
YES, by caesarean section M L

Sizing is based on your pelvic floor tone that depends on:

  • CHILDREN: when you give birth vaginally, the form of your vagina may change. Usually, after a vaginal delivery, you need the biggest cup size (L).
  • AGE: as you become older, the pelvic floor tone may lower. If you are over 30 years of age, we suggest size L. For very young girls we recommend the small size (M).
  • PHYSICAL SHAPE:  if you practise sports, your general muscle tone should be high. Probably you might use the small size cup (M), even if you are older than 30. Yoga, Pilates, horse-riding, dance are excellent activities to help the pelvic floor tone.

There is a small difference between the two sizes, but is of great importance to avoid leakage. Too small a cup could move and leak. Too big a cup could not open to form the seal inside your vagina. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about the size.

How to use?

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How to wash your Pì-kup?
It is important that Pì-kup be kept always clean. Wash your Pì-kup with water and mild soap each time you empty it. The 4 holes under the rim of your Mamicup help to release the seal and are very important to the good use of the cup. We recommend checking that they are always open and not occluded. If needed, pass a needle or a pin through each hole. When you are out, rinse your Pì-kup with bottled water.
After rinsing, let your Pì-kup boil for 5-7 minutes in deep water. It is now sterilized and ready to use.