Easy to use product, easy to pee.

Innovators know all about it. In order to find a solution to a problem you have to change your point of view. With Pì-kono we also changed position: and so you too can pee standing. Because innovation means not to stop at the obvious solution, but the most comfortable. Comfort is the best idea that you may have.

4 steps towards comfort.

  1. How it becomes a cone.
    Press down the top side of the product. With pressure, Pì-kono acquires volume and the geometric shape of a cone.
  2. How to place it.
    Unfasten your trousers and move your underwear laterally, without lowering it. Place the side of Pì-kono with the larger opening, so that it gently fits to your private parts.
  3. Where to aim it.
    Tip the side with the Pì-kono smallest opening down, so the pee flow may go down in the toilet bowl or in the squat toilet if you are in a bathroom, or on the ground if you are in the outdoors. Relax and pee.
  4. Where to throw it.
    Do not throw it on the ground or in water, its size may cause clogging of the pipes. Throw it in a basket or in a waste container. Pi-kono is 100% biodegradable.