Take the freedom to pee standing with Pì-Kono.

In life there are many needs to be met. However, the solutions make a difference. The idea for a product reads into a need and multiplies it in all situations in which a woman can find herself. And when that personal need arises, doing it standing up is a freedom that you share only with yourself. Pi-kono. The freedom to pee standing up.

When there is a bathroom.

Who knows in what condition it will be? It is the first question that you ask yourself. With Pì-kono in your handbag, it is the first answer you can give yourself.

When there is no bathroom.

Where do I go? You ask yourself looking for a bathroom that you cannot find while struggling to hold it. Instead, with Pì-kono at hand you withdraw around a corner or a bush. And you can do it. Standing..

When you wear many clothes in winter.

You are already wondering where you will put the bag and coat not to soil them. How are you going to unfasten your trousers and panties down without dropping the scarf and gloves. With Pì-kono you do not have to get undressed. You just have to move the slips sideways so you can even pee in winter.

When you do sport.

Skiing, running, walking in the mountains. It is beautiful doing sport in the middle of nature, among people. Less nice is having to pee and not having a place to do it. The beauty is that wherever you are - on the slopes, on the road or on a trail - You can pee standing. That is the beauty of Pì-Kono.

When you are pregnant.

There are ugly impediments, those annoying ones. But also the good ones. It is your belly that keeps you from leaning to pee. In your condition, with Pì-kono you can experience the comfort of standing up and pee.

When you have problems walking.

Falls, fractures, back pain, neurological dysfunction, disability, growing older. There are many situations that prevent you to move with agility and to maintain your balance. Leaning to sit down without support can be a difficulty that - when you are away from home - you do not know how to deal with. Peeing should not be an added problem. Pi-kono is the solution that removes it.

When is your little girl who has to do it.

Girls struggle to crouch. Their legs still do not have the strength to support the weight of the body while trying to maintain their balance and pee. Often it is the parents’ job to worry about supporting them in this difficult balance. Teaching them to use Pì-kono from an early age is useful because it will get them used to do it standing even when they grow up.

When you travel for business or vacation.

In the carriage of a train. On board of an aircraft. Inside a coach. It is not easy to keep balance to pee on public transports that move at high speed. But when there is Pì-kono in your personal baggage, your personal need becomes a comfort.