A product full of advantages to pee without thoughts.

To pee standing up.

With or without bathroom. And without having to invent something to pee. Why sit when you can do it on your feet? You must not assume acrobatic positions. You do not have to protect yourself with layers of paper. With Pì-kono you keep your distance from hygienic problems. Solving it: standing, with comfort. And without any thoughts.

To pee even though there is not a bathroom.

With Pì-kono you do not need it. You can do it standing up, like a man. You are driving in the middle of a trip and you cannot hold it any longer? Can’t you find a bathroom in the place where you are walking, doing sports or eating? You just have to look for a secluded spot: behind a tree, a bush or a corner. Your Pì-kono is your bathroom. Clean, comfortable. Always available and at hand.

To pee in the bathroom although...

If it is dirty, if you have a big belly and you cannot crouch, if you have difficulty walking, if your little girl has to do it. You do not care if in the bathroom there is the squat toilet or the toilet bowl, when you have Pì-kono in your bag. Finding a support, doing stunts, taking unlikely poses are no longer your problem. Yours is the freedom to pee standing up. In the bathroom.

To pee when you are wearing many clothes.

Are you traveling for work in winter and wear lots of warm clothing? Coat, jacket, sweater, pants, stockings, high heels, hat, scarf, gloves, bag. Are you skiing and wear a down jacket, gloves, cap, ski suit, sweater, tights, and the weight of the boots? When the time to go to the bathroom comes is not easy to crouch and pee on a toilet or a squat toilet. Taking off or loosing part of the clothing to pee is a problem. With Pì-kono is not anymore: you can remain standing. Open the zipper, slightly lower your trousers. And pee. The braces will not fall in the toilet anymore! The scarf will not slip on the dirty floor anymore!