Only for women, to pee like a man.

The cone to pee standing up.

A small flat piece of cardboard cut to shape. That you can fold back on itself so that it becomes pocket size to keep it in your bag. With one small gesture, pressing the upper end, it acquires volume and the geometric shape of a cone. Disposable, and therefore easy to use. Disposable, and thus safe for each use.

Comfort and hygiene are standards that we are all increasingly seeking. You will always find them in Pì-kono. In an innovative product designed to pee standing up. To avoid any contact with the sanitary appliances in the public toilets. To avoid having to assume awkward positions when you cannot sit on the toilet bowl. To get rid of any discomfort or thought of peeing in a place that does not have the comfort and hygiene of your home.

Friend of nature.

Pi-kono is made of paper: water repellent and completely biodegradable, lightweight and very durable. It is packaged in 100%. recyclable polyethylene cartons. In addition, it is a friend of nature, even in the colors: environmentally friendly because they are made with soluble and non-polluting materials. Pi-kono is not just an ecological product, but also anatomical. Its forms have been designed to perfectly fit to the curves of the female body. Pi-kono proves it every time you need it. Open it and place it. You close it and dispose of it.

Hygiene, first of all.

Personal hygiene for a woman is the most important thing. To guarantee it in every daily act is a necessity to protect the body from infection. It improves your life, you feel freer and more secure. For the past two years, we have been distributing a product that gives you one less worry, and gives you extra freedom. The freedom to pee standing has been called Pì-kono.

The name is a guarantee of hygiene and comfort. Avoid all contact of the genitals with dirty or contaminated areas, which may cause urinary tract infections. Pi-kono is a disposable product: avoid outbreaks of bacteria and unpleasant odours in contrast to what often happens in multi-purpose products. So, peeing without getting wet, getting your hands dirty, or waste time devising a way to do it, is now within reach of all women, from the oldest to the youngest.