Peeing standing can be done.

The need that you do not know.

You have to go to the bathroom and you are out. Who knows what you will find. Even this time you will need to come up with a ploy in order not to sit on the toilet bowl. There is a need, when you are out of the house, which is your first intimate and personal need. A need that you do not know you have, until you find the product that satisfies it. Peeing standing. With Pì-kono, it can be done.

Now, Pì-kono is your ally against the dirty and uncivilized bathroomAgainst the stunts that you have to invent in the toilet. Against the 100 layers of toilet paper that you used to consume. Against the 1000s precautions you used to take. Now you have everything in your favor: the solution at your fingertips, just in your bag. 5 seconds and you have peed. Comfortable, simple, safe. Peeing standing. With Pì-kono, it can be done.

The situations you know.

Going into a bathroom with the optimism that belongs to you. Even if you know you will often find a disaster. Sometimes you enter and exit immediately, because what you see makes you sick. It disgusts everyone, not just women.

At the stadium during a concert. At a nightclub during an evening with friends. On a train while traveling. At the bar for a drink, when you leave the office. At the restaurant in any city, when you're traveling for work. You know the situations. There are many and varied, often linked to pleasant and entertaining events. However, there is always that nagging thought "I have to go to the bathroom. What will I find?". Now that irritance will not be in your thoughts. With Pì-kono peeing standing can be done.

In the women's handbag.

You can find makeup to make you feel good. Chocolate to pamper yourself. The book with which to relax. Receipts to be accounted for. The phone to communicate with the world. Car and house keys. In the chaos in which only your hands know how to move. Inside your bag you can find your life outside home. A life where you are always in a hurry, you can find right in your bag the answer to your every need and urgency. Professional certainties and familiar touches, special products for personal comfort. Come into your bag to give you a freedom. As the pack of 5 cones. With Pì-kono pee standing can be done.